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For many companies, process improvement, customer retention and growth are more often than not high on the agenda. This is not surprising given that greater efficiency and growth drives wider profit margins and return on capital invested. The question is however, what are the key contributing initiatives to achieving this? One of the most important contributing initiatives is master data management.

This session looks at the key steps to implementing MDM and  synchronising high quality master data across all core operational process applications and analytical systems to improve process efficiency and drive more accurate decisions.  It also looks at how accurate intelligence from analytical systems about customers, products, suppliers and assets can be stored alongside that master data to create a Smart MDM system. Finally it looks at how Smart MDM services can be integrated with business processes to not only improve operational efficiency but also operational effectiveness.

  • Problems caused by inconsistent master data 
  • Why is master data so important to improving processes and decisions?
  • Steps to implementing an MDM system
  • Synchronizing master data across operational and analytical systems
  • Smart MDM - Closing in the loop between BI and master data
  • Integrating smart master data into processes for on-demand operational effectiveness


On-Demand Webcast with industry expert Mike Ferguson


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Interactive Webcast: Smart MDM